Top Of the Current Affairs Of the Day: 09 January 2020 Latest Current Affairs in English And Download Free PDF

Top Of the Current Affairs Of the Day: 09 January 2020     Latest 

Current Affairs in English And Download Free PDF 

Top Current Affairs Of The Day 

1. Which Indian cricketer is selected for the ‘C K Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award’ of BCCI?
A. Kapil dev                   B. K. Srikkanth
C.Sunil gavaskar          C. Rohit sharma

Answer. B

2. What is the name of the mandatory standard individual health insurance policy launched by IRDAI?
A. Arogya Raksha           B. Arogya Suraksa
C. Arogya Sanjeevani    C. Arogya Samridhi

Answer. C

3. Which state government has started a project to save paper by using digital medium for administrative work?
A. Odisha                       B. Kerala
C. West Bengal             C Telangana

Answer. C

4. Which city will play host to the 2022 Common Wealth Games?
A. London                       B. New delhi
C Birmingham               C.Gold Coast

Answer C

5. Scientists recently discovered dwarf galaxies with massive black holes using Very Large Array (VLA) observatory. Where is the observatory situated?
A. Japan                   B. China
C. USA                       D Russia

Answer. C

6.A devastating earthquake hit Puerto Rico recently. Which is the capital city of Puerto-Rico?
A. Santo Domingo              B. San Jaun
C. Kingston                           D. Havana

Answer. B
7. The ‘National Traders convention’ was held in which Indian city recently?
A. Mumbai                      B. Lucknow
C. New delhi                   D Varanas

Answer C

8. The Reserve Bank of India has recently revised the ‘Supervisory Action Framework’ of which category of banks?

A. Public sector bank    B.Private sector bank
C. Foreign Bank              D. Urban cooperative bank

Answer D
9. What is the name of the new relay satellite series, to be launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)?

A. IINRSS                   B.IDRSS
C. IRSS                        D.IRTS

Answer. B
10. The Farmers’ Innovation Fund, which was seen in news, is proposed to be set up by which organisation?
A. World Food Program
B. Food and Agriculture Organization
C. National Bank for agriculture
D. Indian Council of Agriculture Research


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