Top Current Affairs of the day : 04 January 2020 Latest current affairs in English

Top Current Affairs of the day : 04 January 2020 Latest 

current affairs 

General awareness. Pratice with our exteemed current affairs quize Januaru 4 , 2020 Question which cover all important event across india as well as World

Top Current Affairs GK Questions 2020

Q.1How many lakhs a single family earn from Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission scheme?

A.8 lakh rupees                 B.5 lakh rupees
C.10 lakh rupees                D.15 lakh rupees

Answer B

Q.2When Samsung was founded?

A.1940                      B.1938
C.1945                       D.1942

Answer B

Q.3When Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was founded?

A.1981                       B.1979
C.1983                        D.1982

Answer B

Q.4What is the estimated population of Middle East Countries?

A.370 million                       B.371 million
C.380 million                        D.390 million

Answer B

Q.5When Louis Braille was born?

A.1810                     B.1809
C.1812                      D.1815

Answer B

Q.6Dixon Technologies planned to manufacture LED TVs for ___________

A.Samsung                       B.Nokia
C.Oppo                               D.Tecno

Answer A

Q.7Around 171 hospitals de-empanelled and _________ cr fine imposed under Ayushman Bharat Scheme

A.3. 5 crores                        B.4.5 crores
C.3. 8 crores                         D.4.2 crores

Answer B

Q.8When Border Security Force was founded?

A.1967                    B.1965
C.1968                     D.1969

Answer B
Q.9Union Government sanctions _________EV charging stations in 62 cities

A.2,605                     B.2,636
C.2,720                      D.2,700

Answer B

Q.10Shri Nityanand Rai inaugurated _________All India Police Judo Cluster Championship 2019

A.6th                        B.4th
C.7th                         D.9th

Answer B

Q.11When Unified Payments Interface was introduced?

A.2015               B.2016
C.2017                D.2018

Answer B
Q.12Adani to buy 75% stake in ______________Port

A.Kandla                            B.Krishnapatnam  C.Visakhapatnam             D.Mormugao

Answer B

Q.13Which Technologies planned to manufacture LED TVs for Samsung?

A.Microsoft                     B.Dixon
C.Amazon                        D.Intel

Answer B

Q.14Which state govt launches Cyber Safe Women initiative?

A.Kerala                          B.Maharashtra  
C.Bihar                            D.TamilNadu

Answer B

Q.15Adani to buy _______stake in Krishnapatnam Port

A.72%                           B.75%
C.74%                             D.76%

Answer B

Q.16How many billions did UPI hits transactions in December Month?

A.1.6 billion transactions
B.1.5 billion transactions
C.1.3 billion transactions
D.1.8 billion transactions

Answer C

Q.17India strongly condemned vandalism at Nankana Sahib Gurudwara in ____________

A.Iran                                B.Pakistan
C.Iraq                                 D.Saudi Arabia

Answer B

Q.18Which ministry created new emerging and strategic technologies NEST?

A.Ministry of Internal Affairs
B.Ministry of Finance
C.Ministry of External Affairs
D.Ministry of telecommunication

Answer C

Q.19Who inaugurated 4th All India Police Judo Cluster Championship 2019?

A.Shri Ramesh Kumar
B.Shri Nityanand Rai
C.Shri Prakash Javedakar
D.Shri Suresh Prabhu

Answer B

Q.20US sends ______ more army troops to Middle East

A.3,800                  B.3,000
C.4,600                   D.4,500

Answer B

Q.21Which country names Esmail Qaani new Quds chief of IRGC?

A.Indonesia                            B.Iran
C.Pakistan                               D.Saudi Arabia

Answer B

Q.22Union Government sanctions 2,636 EV charging stations in _______cities

A.65                  B.62
C.68                   D.69

Answer B

Q.23World Braille Day observed on _______________

A.January 8th         B.January 4th
C.January 9th         D.January 10th

Answer B

Q.24Who inaugurated the world second tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel?

A.Shri Ramesh Gupta
B.Shri Prakash Javedakar
C.Shri Suresh Kumar
D.Shri Vijay Rupani

Answer D

Q.25How many hospitals de-empanelled and 4.5 cr fine imposed under Ayushman Bharat Scheme?

A.176               B.175
C.171                D.173

Answer B

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